Increasing the effectiveness of functional endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis in children

Increasing the effectiveness of functional endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis in children


  • A.A. Abdukayumov Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Pediatrics
  • Z.Z. Idiev Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Pediatrics


otitis externa, silver nanoparticles, ear drops


The main strategy for treating otitis externa is based on targeting the pathogen that causes the inflammation. In this regard, the initial empirical treatment of acute external otitis consists of prescribing local broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory drugs, excluding ototoxic antibiotics. Due to the development of resistance of modern microorganisms to most antibiotics, many specialists are actively resorting to the use of medical products containing silver nanoparticles. Unlike antibiotics, silver effectively kills microorganisms of all major types: gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, fungi/yeast, viruses and protozoal parasites. The purpose of the study was to study the effectiveness of a drug containing colloidal silver in patients with inflammation of the external ear. The results of the study were carried out on all 60 patients before and after treatment (with an assessment in points), including a general examination and endoscopy of the external ear on the 1st and 7th days of treatment according to the dynamics of the clinical manifestations of the disease. Based on the disappearance of symptoms and ear endoscopy data, we can conclude that the drug Coldisept (ear drops) in complex therapy significantly accelerates the recovery period by 3 days compared to the control group, and can be recommended for use in patients with inflammation of the outer ear.


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