The importance of genetic factors in the treatment of chronic polypous rhinosinusitis

The importance of genetic factors in the treatment of chronic polypous rhinosinusitis


  • B.S. Zulunov Tashkent Medical Academy
  • J.A. Djuraev Tashkent Medical Academy
  • Sh.K. Khodjanov Tashkent Medical Academy
  • A.Z. Shaumarov Tashkent Medical Academy
  • A.J. Botirov Tashkent Medical Academy
  • N.A. Akhundjanov Tashkent Medical Academy



polypous rhinosinusitis, mucociliary clearance, paranasal sinuses


This article presents the results of a genetic analysis to improve the effectiveness of treatment in patients with chronic polyposis rhinosinusitis (SPRS). According to the data of world statistics, chronic polyposis rhinosinusitis affects 2-4% of the population, 40% of patients have SPRS together with bronchial asthma. According to the data provided by a number of foreign authors, the average rate of outpatient consultation for patients with chronic polyposis rhinosinusitis is 4.9 per 10,000 population, the average number of such patients is 7.5% of the number of patients treated in hospitals, and 80% of newly diagnosed patients are people over 40 years old.


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