Assessment of the quality of life of patients after plasty of the consequences of face and neck burn

Assessment of the quality of life of patients after plasty of the consequences of face and neck burn


  • С.И. Исмаилов
  • М.М. Мадазимов
  • М.Г. Тешабоев



The author, to study the quality of life of patients with cicatricial deformities before and after plastic surgery, was used - "WHO Brief Questionnaire for assessing the quality of life (WHOQOL-BREF)". The results were studied in 124 patients of the control group and in 135 patients in the main group who were treated in the department of reconstructive surgery. Thus, the analysis of the quality of life of patients with the consequences of burns of the face and neck after surgical treatment showed that the introduced methods of plastics improved the assessment of the socio-physical health sphere from 67.8 ± 2.75 to 78.5 ± 2.58 points (P<0.05).


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