Diagnosis and treatment of chronic exudative otitis

Diagnosis and treatment of chronic exudative otitis


  • N.Kh. Vokhidov Bukhara State Medical Institute
  • U.N. Vokhidov Tashkent State Dental Institute
  • J.A. Shodiev Bukhara State Medical Institute


exudative otitis media, hearing impairment, childhood


This review article was designed to systematize the literature data concerning etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of exudative otitis media (EOM) in the children. The review is focused on the prevailing current tendencies in the approaches to the problems of etiology, diagnostics, and treatment of EOM in the children as exemplified by the publications in the foreign and Russian-speaking literature. The special emphasis is laid on the description of the therapeutic and surgical methods for the management of EOM.


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